Tinguely's Fountain

The British Trombone Society approached me for a piece to be played at one of their festivals.  Five minutes of music for upwards of 200 players, ranging in ability from world-class international virtuosi to people who'd just learned how to put the instrument together.  A technical challenge, to be sure.  Since players tend to sort themselves into groups of roughly equal ability, I decided to write it for several clumps of players, with the hard parts at the top of the page and the easy ones at the bottom.  I wrote the piece in the Sage Gateshead during a patch of work with Northern Sinfonia.

The inspiration was the splendid kinetic fountain installed in Basel by Jean Tinguely.  You can see the fountain doing its stuff here:

Tinguely's Fountain

The piece is published by Warwick Music:

Warwick Music


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