The Victorian Trombone

The baroque book seems to have sold a lot of copies, so the same very nice chap from Faber & Faber called and asked about a Victorian book.  Now, the Victorian music business is one of my all-time favourite subjects and it was great fun choosing a set of pieces that might actually have been played by one of the celebrity bone players who flourished in those days.  I made a silly mistake and didn't check the dates of one composer who, it turned out, had lived to be about 193 years old.  Result: an arrangement that infringed copyright and a book that Faber couldn't publish.  Necessity being the mother of futile dodges, I quickly penned a piece of my own, Grand Variations on Father's a Drunkard and Mother is Dead which is a real-live 19th century Temperance song of such grotesque absurdity that any right thinking person will on hearing it instantly pour themselves a large G+T.

This book hasn't done as well as the baroque one (perhaps I've offended the teetotal trombone fraternity) so please log onto this link and buy it.  Then I can afford my own G+T.

Faber Music


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