The Baroque Trombone

The Baroque Trombone

This isn't strictly a composition.  A very nice chap from Faber & Faber called and asked if I'd like to compile a book of solos, so I did.  The project coincided with a long stretch playing Gluck's Alceste at the Staatsoper unter den Linden in Berlin.  It was unpleasantly cold there, so the Staatsbibliotek was a welcome refuge as I made the arrangements.  I resisted the temptation to put in the beastly hard alto trombone obbligato that I was playing most nights, but did include some obscure things by Rameau alongside the more obvious tunes, and had a lot of fun working out how to write correct ornaments so that they would be playable by beginners.  Of course, the brass press being what it is, at least one reviewer refused to believe that there is such a piece as Hypochondria or a composer called Zelenka.  Heigh ho, look it up in Grove already.

Faber Music

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