A Day Close to Summer

This was commissioned by the Balthasar-Neuman-Ensemble and Baden Baden Festpsielhaus, and produced by them in September 2003.  It was designed as a "prequel" to Purcell's Dido and Aeneas.  and the core idea - by Tatjana Gürbaça who also directed - was brilliant.  The characters in Dido are shown on the eve of the Trojan war, with their relationships much as they are in the Purcell, but before the traumas of conflict.  It was very funny in places, a sort of dadaist pantomime.

I'll be honest: it didn't quite come off.  Some of the humour was a bit ripe (for which I must take part of the blame) and we were not well received.  Nevertheless, I am fond of a lot of the music and, lacking a revival in prospect, have found a use for several of the numbers.

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